Bar Manager Kari Cummings is no stranger to the classics: The Sidecar, The Last Word, The Manhattan, The Old Fashioned.  These are drinks that any bartender worth their weight in salt should know.  But having mastered these cocktails over the years, Kari asks more from her bar team than just a different rendition of the classics. She wants cocktails that are bold, seasonal, unique, and of course, beautiful in the glass.

It's in that vein that we were privileged to be included in The Drink Nation's "Most Instagramable Cocktails."  While Instagramable might not have made its way into the dictionary yet, (and rest assured that it will), the verb is universally understood by anyone with a smartphone.  Instagrammers don't simply put an average run-of-the-mill photo on their wall.  They want some thing that's bold, some that's seasonal, something thats uniq...wait a second...

The Mama Tiger made its way onto the list for Drink Nation.  Using Plantation 5yr Rum and Oolong tea as core flavors, Kari livened it up with a new amaro to the Vesta list: Sfumato amaro.  Sfumato is a rhubarb flavored armaro that adds both sweetness and bitterness to help balance the drink.  While subtle, it plays off of the tea and rum wonderfully, while remaining light and refreshing for the summer season.

Bring that smartphone down to Vesta, we really don't mind.  Grab a snapshot of this cocktail for your own wall.  But while you're at it, take a couple more pictures of the fifteen other cocktails on our list.  You're guaranteed to get a slew of "likes," and we're happy to help you and your Instagram.

1.5 Plantation 5 year rum
1 oz oolong tea
.5 sfumato amaro
.5 passionfruit syrup
Coupe glass
Stirred over ice and strained
Garnish: grilled pineapple