For those who don't know, the Big Eat is an annual celebration of Denver's finest eateries, breweries, and distilleries.  It is put on by EatDenver, a co-op of the very same restaurants that participated in the Big Eat and held at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  Every restaurant puts together an example of what they're all about: burgers, bites, dogs, tacos...and so much more.  Those who celebrate fine beverages offer samples of their drink.  It's truly a foodie's paradise for three hours every year.

This year, Vesta was proud to showcase Chef Kayser's culinary talent with a relatively simple dish.  Kayser dressed endive, a bitter green, with sherry-dijon vinaigrette, and topped the dish with gorgonzola picante and bacon lardons.  A bit of fig preserves added an earth sweetness to the dish.  Over 700 folks stopped by the Vesta table and enjoyed Chef's creation, and we were happy to feed so many hungry Denverites.

But Vesta wasn't the only Secret Sauce restaurant there.  Steuben's was there dolling out some of their famous hard-boiled eggs, and Ace Eat Serve ran out of their dumplings before the first hours was out!  Truly a testament to Chef Thach's delicious new menu at Ace.  We are always proud to work alongside not only our sister restaurants, but all of the eateries around Denver that have made this city's culinary scene great.  We're looking forward to next year's Big Eat, and thank you again to EatDenver for supporting the local food scene in so many different ways.