It's hot out there.  Like, really hot.  Denver and the Front Range continue to bake under the sun's rays and a fire danger at almost every turn.  But the only fire in Vesta is the one under the grill cooking Chef Kayser's new summer menu to a perfect medium rare.  Chef choose to go to Scandinavia and the British Isles for inspiration for many of the new dishes.  While the winter menu focused on Mediterranean dishes such as dukkah and schug, Vesta's summer menu tips the hat towards the summer flavors of northern Europe, such as the beautiful presentation of the Curried Goat Tagine or Salmon Gravlax.  As with all of our dishes, Chef paid careful attention to the spices and execution of these dishes in their homeland, and modified them for the Mile High City.

But the other focus of the menu is even more regional still.  Chef Kayser takes a trip to the Union Station Farmer's Market every Saturday to select fresh herbs and vegetables for several different dishes that have made their way onto the menu.  As always, we support our local Growhaus, a non-profit organization that cultivates heirloom varieties of vegetables and ruffage.  The new salad on the menu utilizes those hearty greens in tandem with a weekly changing selection of vegetables that Chef hand picks from the Farmer's Market.  This gives Vesta the ability to offer something new and fresh every time you join us, and the opportunity to support local farmers at the source.  Farm to table.  It's delicious, nutritious, and helps our local economy by keeping dollars in the state.

We're very proud of this new menu.  We know that everyone with seasonal menus say "this is probably our best one yet."  But when we say that today, we mean it.  This is one of the most unique, diverse, eclectic, and scrumptious menus Vesta has ever offered.  Take a look at the dishes in our Spring/Summer gallery.  We think that you'll agree.