In late April, Vesta said farewell to its long time neighbor, The 9th Door.  A Mediterranean concept through and through, The 9th Door focused on tapas and Spanish wine in a way that few other restaurants do.  Its ambiance and decorum was second-to-none, and we lamented as it closed its doors for the final time.

But from the ashes rises a phoenix.  Sheamus Feeley, executive chef of Hillstone in Cherry Creek, procured the space and has begun the arduous process of revamping the wide open space that was formerly The 9th Door.  Pony Up is a new concept that will serve french dips and french dip themed sandwiches all day and all evening long.  With a focus on crafted cocktails, there's no way that this doesn't sound like one of the tastiest new concepts to come to the Mile High City.  And Finney has already made it clear that there will be a focus on service industry folks.  We have already had a taste of his hospitality and kindness, and we say to Seamus, "welcome to the Dairy Block."

A rising tide raises all ships.  Vesta looks forward to the coming month when Pony Up goes from construction to opening its doors.  We look forward to serving Denver and the folks who patron our restaurant and allow us to show them a memorable evening, every night.  And we look forward to swinging by Pony Up once our doors close for a heart-stopping delicious dip and a sip of a whiskey to wind down after a great service.  Welcome!