The IPW event could very well go beneath your radar, unless you work in travel or tourism.  If that's the case, then it's the Super Bowl of this industry.  And for the first time in almost 25 years, Denver was able to host 1,000 companies from every state in the United States, and 1,300 different companies from abroad for the event.  Vesta was proud to be able to be a part of the kick off the event on Larimer Square with such other reputable establishments such as Rioja, Beast + Bottle, and Law's Whiskey.

While it was an absolute blast to participate, what does this mean for the Mile High City?  According to   This bodes well for not only restaurants and breweries, but retail outlets and Denver's transportation community.

To welcome this group of VIP visitors, Chef Nicholas Kayser went to work roasting leg of lamb over 500 degree coals and serving them in pitas with Vesta's famous sauces.  The cuisine was accentuated by the interactive element of visitors constructing the dish, customizing it, and complimenting it.  Pastry Chef Nadine Donovan was also on-site showcasing her "Vesta Dots," which are miniature ice cream dots that are frozen in -325 degree liquid nitrogen and served in cones.  Both dishes were a hit, and visitors kept returning for a round of seconds and thirds.

So the next time you visit Vesta, look for an uptick in travelers from around the nation and the globe who made the trip to Denver.  It could be that they were referred by one of the many folks who made the journey in May to survey the city.   It may be that it's one of the IPW visitors themselves, making the trip back to enjoy this Mile High slice of paradise.