Wednesday, March 21st, was a day of history here in Denver.  There were no marches, no social or political change to speak of.  Rather, a new and emerging spirit made its debut in Colorado, and Vesta was privleged to be a part of that bit of history.  Master Distiller Sebastian Gomez Camorino made the journey from Chile to join us here at the restaurant to debut his Patagonian spirit, Träkál.

Träkál is described as "[a spirit] made in Patagonia from authentic ingredients...a bold new spirit that’s the first of it’s kind.  Träkál's vision has always been to craft a spirit that would reflect the rugged beauty of Patagonia. Distilling a whiskey, vodka or gin to reflect our vision just didn’t sit well with our founder and master distiller, so he set out on an ambitious journey to craft something completely new. The ingredients we use and the distillation process they endure are proprietary and the result is like nothing else."

Sips like a whiskey, mixes like a gin.  That's how Träkál describes itself.  Steuben's bar manager, Connor Green, couldn't agree more.  He made the pilgrimage to the Träkál distillery months ago to watch the distillation and meet Sebastian himself.  After learning, and enjoying a good deal of the spirit, Connor reluctantly made his way back to Colorado and began experimenting with mixing the spirit in with classic cocktails, as well as engineering some original drinks.  After remaining in contact with Sebastian, Connor was able to invite Sebastian to the Mile High City to showcase his spirit to the greater Denver area.

It was a treat to have such a great group of pioneers in the spirits industry to join us.  Chef Kayser concocted some wonderful empanadas tradicionales, mojo roasted pork skewers, and ancho spiced pot du créme to compliment the cocktails.  We await the arrival of Sebastian again to join us with the passion and zeal only a master distiller can have, and until then, we are on no short supply of Träkál behind our bar.