While Vesta is one of the few intimate restaurants left in Denver that lacks a single television to keep up on the latest sports scores, the restaurant still hosted over 300 Rockies fans after a blustery and cold opening day on April 6th.  The game went into delay around 1:00pm MST, and all of Denver was biting their nails, hoping that the game wouldn't be postponed.

But Old Man Winter couldn't hold the Rockies back from taking the field at 3:15pm as they took on the Atlanta Braves for the home opener.  The game didn't go the Rockies way, and Atlanta took the win in an 8-3 victory over the Rockies.  But the spirit of the game and sport were not lost on stadium goers.  Vesta was lucky enough to host as many guests as we possibly could after the game ended, and what a sight it was.  Black and purple shirts, hats, beads, streamers, poured into the restaurant to escape the chilly 25 degree weather.  Snow fell again after the game's completion, and it felt more like a winter wonderland rather than a spring day.

Vesta is proud to support the Colorado Rockies and their fans.  Being located just a block-and-a-half away from Coors Field, it is a privilege to be able to host the Mile High City's best fans before and after the games to help celebrate our hometown heroes as they begin what we believe will be one of their best seasons yet.  GO ROCKIES!