Palisade, Colorado: home of some of the most unique microclimates in the state.  Tucked right up next to the Grand Mesa, The Bookcliffs, and The Colorado National Monument, the intense sun and wind patterns make it so that no square mile's terrain is quite like the last.  Over the years, Palisade has become famous around the state for its peaches.  They begin harvesting early in the season, and continue all the way into late September.  Palisade peaches are a Chef's dream.  They're ripe.  They're supple.  They're perfectly formed.  And finally, we are in the prime season for these little delights.

Pastry Chef Nadine Donovan loves Palisade peaches, just like the rest of us.  She's constantly looking for new and ingenious ways to incorporate them into her dishes.  For summer, she went back to the South for inspiration.  Her Buttermilk Pie is decadent, but not so rich that you have to leave the restaurant in a wheelbarrow.  With a wild blueberry gelee strategically placed around the plate, Nadine has "drunken" these Palisade peaches in bourbon.  Perfect for a southern dish such as this. The peaches take on some of those classic bourbon notes: baking spice, vanilla, and cinnamon.

But Palisade peaches aren't in season into perpetuity, and when the supply goes dry, Nadine will look for inspiration elsewhere until next year.  So drop in for a taste of the South, and grab a great Colorado whiskey to go with this pastry delight.