Vesta's commitment to the environment has been strong for the last 21 years that our doors have been open, but it's never felt as well integrated with the community as it does today.  Chef Nick Kayser has been making weekly trips to the Union Station Farmer's Market to speak with local farmers and growers about their wares and to get to know them more personally.  As a result, Vesta's menu has been more seasonally driven than at any time in its history.  There are several items on our menu that change week-to-week as Chef Kayser experiments with new flavors and unique ingredients.

One of the dishes that we are proud to offer is our Market Salad.  We know, we know...salad is lettuce with some fixin's on it.  Well not here at Vesta.  Not only do we integrate a myriad of different vegetables, botanicals, and micro greens, but our Chefs use house-made vinegar to bring a bit of bite to the dish.  Whether its green tea, oolong, Cynar (an artichoke based Amaro), apple cider, or another of the scope of different vinegar that the team has produced, it plays off of the freshness of the salad oh so nicely.  And Chef doesn't use the market solely to produce a great new salad every week.  His Griddled Provoletta, (a Sicilian caciocavallo cheese), is decorated and enhanced with different vegetables and flora from the market every week.

Vesta has never been one to stay "inside the box."  Our dishes have always been unique, flavorful, and appeasing to the eye as much as to the palate.  The Union Station Farmer's market runs through October 20th this year, and you can bet you'll see Chef Kayser down there every week with a basket full of some of the best agriculture this side of the Mississippi.  We hope to see you there soon!