Vesta's bar manager, Kari Cummings, has been a staple of the restaurant for years and years.  After 15 years of employment here, she's commonly known as "Mama Bear," the mortar that keeps the bricks together.  But beyond that, such an amount of time in these four walls has honed her skills as one of Denver's best bartenders.  And this summer's cocktails exemplify what her and her bar team are capable of: unique and thoughtfully crafted cocktails, designed to showcase what Vesta's spirit is.  Hospitable, delicious, and eclectic.

One of the most interesting new cocktails to come onto the list is the Mama Tiger.  Plantation 5 year aged rum is a classic summer time spirit in-and-of itself, but when coupled with Amaro Sfumato, a rhubarb based amaro, it's a drink that screams refreshing with spice and smoke.  A touch of passionfruit drives the point home: it's delicious.

We still have some of your favorites, though.  The Colonist, one of Kari's drinks that has remained on the list for almost a year's time, remains one of the most popular drinks on the list.  Don't mess with a good thing, right?  Using Kauai Farmacutical turmeric from Hawai'i, Kari infused the spice into a ginger syrup that plays off of Wood Creek Vodya and Pimm's.  The name, if you were interested, comes from the play of the British liqueur and the turmeric, which is common in many Indian drinks.

All in all, there are about seven new cocktails to try this summer.  It could be quite a challenge to try them all at one time, which we certainly don't recommend.  But we do suggest that you come see us before a show at the Pepsi Center, or as you're walking to the Rockies game.  Kari will welcome you with open arms, and get a refreshing beverage in front of you to take the heat of the day from you.