Denver is a city known for its healthy and active population.  And when folks get together to orchestrate a ride through the city, it's fantastic to see the legions of enthusiasts ride, walk, or run through the walks and streets with smiles on their faces.  This is just what was seen on May 30th as the Denver Cruiser Ride embarked on its first trek of the year through the city.

But in a slight change of plans, cyclists detoured through the Dairy Block alleyway between Wazee and Blake Streets.  Patrons of local businesses, restaurants, and events were astonished as hundreds of cruiser bicyclists rode through the pedestrian-only alleyway.

While Vesta whole heartedly advocates for activities and healthy lifestyles of any kind, we would like to embrace the Dairy Block's alleyway rules and regulations advocating for only foot traffic through the alleyway.  It's a beautiful block to walk through, and simply hopping off the bike to take in the grand architecture and thought that went into its development is awe inspiring.  We also understand that mistakes happen, and that a cadre of bicyclists may be following the lead without any awareness as to the rules through the alleyway.  We support the Dairy Block and its businesses in their desire to keep the alleyway open to all, so long as they're taking a stroll instead of a ride, through the Dairy Block.