Vesta prides itself on having one of the best chefs in all of Denver, Colorado: Chef Nicholas Kayser.  Chef Kayser's classical training and worldly experience are just as refined, sophisticated, and eclectic as Vesta's cuisine has ever been.  As such, he challenges the team in the kitchen on a weekly basis to develop a composed, bold, and worldly dish to offer to you.  Restrained to ethnicity, country, or style, the team has the ability to look at some of the unique cuisines in the world and refine them into a three course meal which we are able to offer at $35.  Wine Director, Michael Casey, then takes the time to thoughtful pair some of his favorite wines to the dish.  All of this comes into fruition every Monday evening.  You can review the menu every week on our website, www.vestadenver.com


So take the chance to come out on a Monday night.  We only make a limited number of these dishes, so make your reservations and let us know that you're joining us for Monday Supper.  We look forward to surprising you every week with something new, fresh, and with that touch of Vesta that you look forward to.