Plates for the Peak - Oct. 3rd

Mark your calendars for Oct. 3rd from 6:30pm-9pm, and join us for the 16th annual Plates for the Peak benefiting Urban Peak! Urban Peak ignites the potential in youth to exit homelessness and create self-determined, fulfilled lives.

Come enjoy a delicious fundraiser which includes specialty drinks, beast by DJ Knee, a silent auction, and unique creations by past and current chefs of Vesta, Steuben's Uptown / Steuben's Arvada and Ace Eat Serve .

Click (HERE) to purchase your tickets to this event!


Zero Proof Dinner Series

Join us for the first ZERO PROOF DINNER SERIES, Wednesday September 18th, 2019 from 6pm-9pm, at Altius Farms.

This dinner series provides a setting to spread awareness of mental health issues and addiction in the hospitality industry, while guests enjoy an evening of great food, creatively crafted dry beverages and engaging conversation. Proceeds from this evening will go to CHOW, focusing on mental health and addiction support for workers in the hospitality industry.

Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

Passed appetizers, 4-course tasting menu & craft non-alcoholic beverages presented by some of Denver's top culinary & beverage talent;

Brandon Foster, Project Angel Heart
Paul Reilly, Beast & Bottle
Nicholas Kayser, Steven Cox,
Brian Hardy & Nadine Donovan, Vesta
Christian Graves, Citizen Rail
Paul Warthen, Potager
Sheila Lucero, Jax

Jake Nederhauser, Tavernetta
Ryan Conklin, Southern Spirits
Ky Belk, Edible Beats
Chris Dunsmoore
Emily Schrader, Bar Zero
Connor Green, Ace Eat Serve
Maggie Tomasi, Steuben’s
Kari Cummings, Vesta

Parking: Limited valet will be available at Uchi
Entrance on the corner of 25th & Arapahoe

Attire: Casual, heels not encouraged


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Voting for 5280 Top of the Town is Here!

5280 Top of the Town 2019 voting is open now till March 15th.
We’re not offering a bribe for votes, but we do believe that our house-made charcuterie and other happy hour offerings are one of a kind. Plus, our desserts are anything but an after thought. Our sweet treats are thoughtfully crafted by our Executive Pastry Chef Nadine Donovan and are literally TOP OF THE TOWN;)

Cast your vote (here)

•Voting is open February 1, 2019 through midnight March 15, 2019.

•Select a category to start voting and write in your nominations for as many fields as you wish. 

•You will be asked to register once before voting in the first category. 5280 do not sell or distribute your information.

•You can vote once per day.

5280 Top of the Town

Vesta Is Where You Want to Host Your Company's Holiday Party

The holidays will be here before you know it.  It's tough imagine snow on the ground and lights around the house when it's still 80 degrees outside.  But companies around Denver have already begun reaching out to Vesta looking to make reservations for groups, large and small, to host their holiday parties.

Vesta is a great place to host a holiday party.  Besides the best food and drink that Denver has to offer, Vesta has a semi-private area of the restaurant that can host up to 30 guests.  This makes the area perfect for a small business to host its staff and their guests.  What better way to say "thank you" for a great year's worth of work than taking the staff out to one of Denver's most established and hip restaurants?  It's the type of party that keeps the staff working hard for the next year to come.

Consider Vesta to host your company soiree during the holidays.  Reach out to the management team at and click on the "Large Parties" tab and see what our availability is.  We will work hard with you to make sure it's a party that falls in line with your budget, and also is memorable over the next year.

Vesta Hosts Memorable Bachelor(ette) Parties During Wedding Season

Vesta has been around Lower Downtown for 21 years now.  That's enough time to host countless first dates, birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, wedding rehearsal dinners, and just plain ol' dining out on the town.  But did you know that we also pride our selves in hosting brides and grooms before they tie the knot?  It's a great location to begin, or end, a wonderful evening with those closest to the most important people: the soon-to-be newly weds.

Let's face it: a bachelor or bachelorette party is a chance to get a little wild before the most important day of two people's lives.  Some good food and drink is just what the doctor ordered, and Vesta brings just that to the table.  And with a central location in downtown, it's the perfect place to launch out to the bars after a meal, or the perfect place to get a bite after a tour, a day on the town, or just to relax before the big day.

Fridays and Saturdays can be a little tricky to make reservations, so as you're planning the big day, keep Vesta in mind.  Our managers would be happy to work out the details and help such an important dinner fall in line with your vision.  Visit and click the "Large Parties" tab for group of over 10 guests.  We promise to make it a night to remember.

Road Paving Completed on Blake St.

Lower Downtown has seen more change over the last couple of years than an any stretch of time in recent memory.  From the Dairy Block, to the evolution of LoHi, to more cranes touching the sky than we can count, the dynamic nature of our small piece of Denver continues to amaze us.  And as the road construction in LoDo keeps on keeping on, it looks like for the foreseeable future, Vesta is out of the construction zone.  Blake Street just got a wonderful new coat of asphalt, and it looks and feels amazing.  While we've been looking out of our front window for months wondering when they day would come for the construction to wind down, it feels like today is that day.  Come take a look at the new and improved Lower Downtown, and be sure to join us for a drink and a bite along the way.

Vesta Closes for Labor Day (And the Day After)

Vesta works hard to bring you a wonderful experience (almost) every night of the year.  But there are a select few that we close the doors for our staff to celebrate a holiday with their friends and loved ones.  While Vesta will be open all weekend long, we will be closed on Labor Day, September 3rd, and the following day, September 4th, as Secret Sauce Food and Beverage hosts our annual company picnic.  While we're sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, we sincerely wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Vesta Has Some of Denver's Most Instagramable Drinks!

Vesta Has Some of Denver's Most Instagramable Drinks!

Bar Manager Kari Cummings is no stranger to the classics: The Sidecar, The Last Word, The Manhattan, The Old Fashioned.  These are drinks that any bartender worth their weight in salt should know.  But having mastered these cocktails over the years, Kari asks more from her bar team than just a different rendition of the classics. She wants cocktails that are bold, seasonal, unique, and of course, beautiful in the glass.

It's in that vein that we were privileged to be included in The Drink Nation's "Most Instagramable Cocktails."  While Instagramable might not have made its way into the dictionary yet, (and rest assured that it will), the verb is universally understood by anyone with a smartphone.  Instagrammers don't simply put an average run-of-the-mill photo on their wall.  They want some thing that's bold, some that's seasonal, something thats uniq...wait a second...

The Mama Tiger made its way onto the list for Drink Nation.  Using Plantation 5yr Rum and Oolong tea as core flavors, Kari livened it up with a new amaro to the Vesta list: Sfumato amaro.  Sfumato is a rhubarb flavored armaro that adds both sweetness and bitterness to help balance the drink.  While subtle, it plays off of the tea and rum wonderfully, while remaining light and refreshing for the summer season.

Bring that smartphone down to Vesta, we really don't mind.  Grab a snapshot of this cocktail for your own wall.  But while you're at it, take a couple more pictures of the fifteen other cocktails on our list.  You're guaranteed to get a slew of "likes," and we're happy to help you and your Instagram.

1.5 Plantation 5 year rum
1 oz oolong tea
.5 sfumato amaro
.5 passionfruit syrup
Coupe glass
Stirred over ice and strained
Garnish: grilled pineapple

Palisade Peaches Are In Season, and Here at Vesta

Palisade Peaches Are In Season, and Here at Vesta

Photo Credit: Anna Regan

With a wild blueberry gelee strategically placed around the plate, Nadine has "drunken" these Palisade peaches in bourbon.  Perfect for a southern dish such as this. The peaches take on some of those classic bourbon notes: baking spice, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Vesta Supports Local Farmers and Union Station Farmer's Market

Vesta Supports Local Farmers and Union Station Farmer's Market

Vesta has never been one to stay "inside the box."  Our dishes have always been unique, flavorful, and appeasing to the eye as much as to the palate.  The Union Station Farmer's market runs through October 20th this year, and you can bet you'll see Chef Kayser down there every week with a basket full of some of the best agriculture this side of the Mississippi.

Vesta hosts annual Plates for the Peak event on October 22nd, 2018

Vesta hosts annual Plates for the Peak event on October 22nd, 2018

Our goal is to raise over $20,000 for Urban Peak to keep doing what they do best.  To help support them, Vesta holds a silent auction that has featured charcuterie classes with our chef's, a chef prepared dinner at the winning bidder's home, skis, bicycles, wine, and more.  There is also a wine grab with Vesta's beverage distributors generously donating some of their wares to the event.

Vesta Celebrates 21 Years as a LoDo Original

Vesta Celebrates 21 Years as a LoDo Original

Birthdays celebrate another trip around the sun, a time to reflect on the wisdom and experiences of the past year.  Vesta celebrated its 21st birthday on July 19th this year, and while there was a blowout to celebrate 20 years in 2017, 2018 held a more calm and subdued vibe about the restaurant.  Over the past two decades, Vesta has been where you come to celebrate your own birthday, an anniversary, graduation, or just to grab a bite before painting the town red.  It's sexy, it's dependable, and it's great food paired with our own hospitality.  This past 21st birthday for Vesta was no different.  No closing the restaurant, no birthday bash.  We were here for the community who has helped support us over the years.

We know that we wouldn't be here today if the Mile High City hadn't visited us so much over the years.  We're privileged to be a part of this community, to be able to keep our doors open for so long when so many others have had to close theirs.  We would like to take a moment and thank not only each and every person who has come through the door, but welcome everyone who has yet to enjoy one of the finest meals that Denver has to offer.  Here's to another great couple of decades, and here's to the Mile High City.

Vesta and Secret Sauce Food & Beverage take part in 2018 Big Eat!

Vesta and Secret Sauce Food & Beverage take part in 2018 Big Eat!

The Big Eat is an annual celebration of Denver's finest eateries, breweries, and distilleries.  It is put on by EatDenver, a co-op of the very same restaurants that participated in the Big Eat and held at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  Every restaurant puts together an example of what they're all about: burgers, bites, dogs, tacos...and so much more.

Construction on Blake Street doesn't affect Vesta

Chances are that if you've been into Vesta in 2018, you've noticed something different.  Something industrial.  Something constructive.  Something...that might be an eyesore.  It's no mystery that the city and county of Denver are revamping the streets in Lower Downtown, sometimes for a prolonged amount of time.  But Vesta is unaffected: in March when similar construction was occurring, we let our guests know of entrances and closures via social media, Google, and with a personalized phone call every day.  Today, accesses from 17th and 18th Streets remain open, and thus access to Vesta is unadulterated.  So when considering to join us, don't let the pipes and backhoes deter you.  We're open, and we're still giving Denver the food, drink, and hospitality that you know and love.

Dad's love beer, so have a Bierstadt on us

Dad's love beer, so have a Bierstadt on us

This one's on us, by the way.  Surprise him by bringing him to the place he loves, with the people he loves, and a beer he's guaranteed to love.  Happy Father's Day, dads, from all of us at Vesta.

Sheamus Feeley to open Pony Up next door

Sheamus Feeley to open Pony Up next door

We look forward to swinging by Pony Up once our doors close for a heart-stopping delicious dip and a sip of a whiskey to wind down after a great service.  Welcome!