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 Past Press: 

“Twelve years after it exploded on the local dining scene, Vesta is still surprising us and supporting the community.”
Westword - June 2009

“The food is inventive and tasty, the atmosphere funky, and the theme fresh....Vesta should be a Denver hotspot for years to come.”
5280 - May 2007

“Vesta ranks among Denver's sexiest and most enduring hot spots"
Colorado Expression - October 2008

“I’ve brought every kind of diner to Vesta Dipping Grill and Vesta has won them all over and then some.”
Denver Life - September/October 2009

“Vesta Dipping Grill and Steuben's are the future of Denver Dining.”
DingingOut - Spring 2008

“Predictable is likely the last adjective to come to mind on a visit to either of Wolkon's acclaimed restaurants.”
Architect Colorado - Summer 2007

“Vesta still has the buzz of a fresh, new restaurant. It's never lost its edge, and though others have tried, no one has replicated its balance of apps and entrees, meats and sauces, hipness and approachability.”
Westword - August 2007

“Let the Big City swells have their popcorn lasers. I'm happier with a place like this, where meat and fire and sauce were all it took to make something totally and wonderfully new.”
Jason Sheehan Critic Review
Westword - 2006

“Chef Matt Selby thinks big, cooks bold, and refuses to succumb to culinary rules or guidelines. He's a gutsy freethinker who does his own thing, and his wonderfully eclectic menu is always an adventure in food culture.”
Avid Golfer - Spring 2006

“Vesta tickles the palate. It remains atop the short list of places we recommend to visitors who need to be convinced that Denver is home to distinctive dining.”
Rocky Mountain News - April 2001

"A fledgling eatery with buzz and big expectations... this restaurant provides a sauce fix."
The Wall Street Journal - January 2001

Day two dinner of "Three Perfect Days in Denver"
Hemisphere's Magazine - United Airlines - July 2000

“Good service, eye catching space.....weird and wonderful"
Westword - March 2000

“A saucy and spirited answer to the ubiquitous sports bars and proliferating chain restaurants of Lower Downtown.”
Travel and Leisure - November 1999

“A locals favorite.”
Washington Post 1999

“Vesta Dipping Grill is the sexiest (in Lodo) with its super contempo design.”
Food and Wine - June 1999

“A satisfying balance of casual coziness and elegant artistry.”
Colorado Expression - Fall 1999

“It's the closest thing we have to San Francisco chic.”
5280 magazine - November 1999

“By far and away the classiest, most delicious restaurant in Lodo.” Four Stars
Bill St. John - Denver Sidewalk - June 1998

“What's Hot in Denver”
Nation's Restaurant News - August 1998

“This spot tingles with excitement, aiming to make eating out what, ideally, it should be - a treat for all the senses.”
Diane Gould - Denver Post Restaurant Critic - May 1998


2018 Good Food 100 Restaurants - 2018
Good Food 100

Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in Denver - 2017
Westword Magazine

Best Seafood Dish in a Non-Seafood Restaurant - 2017
Lobster Cioppino
Westword Best of Denver

Best Wine Bar (Reader's Choice) - 2017
Westword Best of Denver

Best Gluten Free Menu (Reader's Choice) - 2016
Westword Best of Denver

Best Bartender (Reader's Choice) - 2015
Kari Cummings
Westword Best of Denver

Best Steak in a Non-Steakhouse - 2015
Westword Best of Denver

Wine Spectator Award of Excellence - 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
Wine Spectator Magazine

 Maverick Thinkers Outstanding Business Award - 2014
Urban Peak

Best Denver Date Night of - 2013
303 Magazine

Best First-Date Restaurant (Reader's Choice) - 2012
Westword Best of Denver

Top First Date Restaurant (Reader's Choice) - 2012
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

Top Workplaces in Denver - 2012
The Denver Post

Best Dinner on a Monday Night - 2011
Westword Best of Denver

Best Samosas at a Non-Indian Restaurant - 2010
Westword Best of Denver

Top First Date Restaurant (Reader's Choice) - 2010
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

Top First Date Restaurant (Reader's Choice) - 2009
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

Small Business Restaurant Neighbor Award - 2009
Colorado Restaurant Association

Top First Date Restaurant (Reader's Choice) - 2008
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

Outstanding Small Business - 2008
National Philanthropy Day

America's Top Denver Area Restaurants - 2008
Zagat Survey

Best Romantic Restaurant in Denver - 2008
Denver Channel 7 - A-List

Best Way Out West Restaurant - 2007
Westword Best of Denver

Top First Date (Reader's Choice) - 2007
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

One of Denver's Top Twenty Restaurants - 2007
Rocky Mountain News

Best Date Spot (Editorial Winner) - 2006
Best of Citysearch

Number One Reserved Restaurant in Colorado - 2006

Best Legs (Longevity) - 2006
Best Wild West Restaurant - 2006

Westword Best of Denver

Best Service (People Choice) - 2006
Best Chef/Matt Selby (People's Choice) - 2006

Rocky Mountain News

One of Denver's Ten Best Restaurants - 2005
Rocky Mountain News

Best Dinner Destination for Impressing a Date - 2004
Westword Best of Denver

Best Place to Impress a Date - 2004
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

One of Denver's Ten Best Restaurants - 2004
Best Place to Impress a Date - 2004

Rocky Mountain News

Best Group Dining - 2004
Best Special Occasion - 2004
Best Bar Scene - 2004
Best Upscale Casual - 2004


Best Romantic Restaurant - 2004
AOL City Guide

One of Denver's Top Nine - 2004
Avid Golfer

Best Group Dining (Editorial Winner) - 2003
City Search

Best Grill Crew - 2003
Best Cheese Course - 2003
Best Dinner After 10pm - 2003

Westword Best of Denver

Best Chef in Denver (Matt Selby) - 2001
Best Place for a First Date - 2001
Most Sinful Dessert (Matty's Daffy Apple) - 2001

5280 Magazine Top of the Town

Best Roast Duck in Denver - 2000
Westword Best of Denver

One of Denver's Ten Best Restaurants - 2000
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

One of Denver's Ten Best Restaurants - 1999 (honorable mention)
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

One of Denver's Ten Best Restaurants 1998
5280 Magazine Top of the Town

Best Place for a First Date - 2000, 1999, 1988
INSite Denver Magazine

America's Top Restaurants - 1999
Zagat Survey

The Best Restaurant in Lodo - 1988
Denver Post

Design Award - 1998
American Institute of Architecture